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To Our Dearest Customers

May 13, 2020

Due to the amount of e-mails and inquiries we have directed all our customers to our website to answer the most frequently asked questions and concerns. All nail salons, in Connecticut, will not be given permission to open on May 20th.  At this time, by law, nail salons are grouped with gyms, bars, hotels and inns which are listed as businesses that are NOT allowed to reopen. Hair salons can reopen but nail salons cannot open on May 20th. Therefore, we cannot open our doors to our clients until given permission to do so by the state. In the meantime, when we are allowed to reopen, we are training and preparing our space so that it meets with all reopening guidelines for salons.

As in regards to taking appointments, we are going to be changing to a strict rule of appointments only policy in order to utilize our space for safe distancing guidelines. We have the largest space in the immediate area that would allow our clients to feel relaxed rather than anxious. However, that can only be achieved if we strictly follow the number of bodies allowed in our spa. A week before the reopen date, we will be taking appointments via phone. Our V.I.P. Memberships (Thank you for all your concerns and emails!) will be given priority and more specifics details will follow in regards to our reopening date and procedures on our website. Finally, we thank those who have supported us by buying e-Gift cards on our website and to all those heartwarming e-mails. Stay safe and see you soon.


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All Services in our Spa areSanitary and Hygienically Superb:

  • Medical Grade Autoclave – Autoclaves are used to sterilize all hospital surgical instruments to kill and eliminate germs with pressurized steam. All our nippers and tools are completely sterilized for each and every client. After use, they are properly placed in the appropriate Autoclave Packaging then sterilized.
  • Individual Disposable One-Time Use File and Buffer – All our files are used once for the intended client and then they are properly disposed. Unlike other salons, our clients never have to worry about proper hygienic behaviors and procedures.
  • Disposable Pedicure Liners – All pedicure services are highly Bacterial and Germ Free as only Single-Use Liners are used with our pedicure treatments. No worry of cross contamination.
  • Individual Pedicure Sets – We only use Single Pack High Quality Pedicure Products made by Professional Distributors. Unlike other salons, our products are not compiled and formed at the salon by using cheap, low quality ingredients to save cost. All our Pedicures are high quality Single Packs. Please refer to our menu for each Pedicure Service.

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